DHA Multan

DHA Multan Plots For Sale – Houses In DHA Multan

Are You Want To Spend A Luxury And Peaceful Life?

If your answer is yes, then DHA Multan can fulfill your dream. DHA Multan plots for sale.  A low-income person can build his house in DHA Multan with a little trying.

The price of plots and houses in DHA Multan is low than in other famous societies of the city. There are many plots for sale in a commercial area and in residential areas. Contact us today and reserve your plot. Your right decision will make your future more secure and more peace full.

DHA Multan

After decided to purchase a plot in DHA Multan you think about a property dealer who can guide you. Ali&Co is the trustable and professional property dealing agency. We will guide you with any information about DHA Multan. All information will correct. Our skilled team will answer your questions according to their knowledge.

Many plots for sale in DHA Multan. Buying a plot today and save your money to expend some other costly and less profitable places of the city. All plots have very reasonable prices. A low-income person can easily manage his income for it.

DHA Multan plots for sale for high standard families. A person who wants to build a bungalow in the peaceful area of the city. The sight is very charming. DHA Multan is the best choice for it. Plots for your bungalow are available at DHA Multan.

DHA Multan plots for sale for moderate families. A person who wants to build his house at the luxury and low price area. DHA Multan is the outclass option for him. Numerous plots are here for your luxury home.

One of the best offers which are offering by DHA Multan is that you have no need to pay all payment for the first time.

First of all, you visit our website and read briefly about ali&co. contact us via email or given contact number. We will understand your requirements for the plot. Our professional team will provide you all information about all  DHA Multan plots for sale.

Secondly, our agent will visit you DHA Multan. He will guide you according to your requirements. You can choose your plot which you want to buy. In this way, you can save your time and effort for buying the property.

Third one: After selection, the plot of land our agent set a meeting between you and the owner of the plot or directly investors.

When your deal will be done you will pay 200000 as the token. Congalutaion now your deal confirm and DHA Multan plot for sale is going to next steps.

After paying the token fee you will provide name and full address, copy of your CNIC and photograph to ALIANDCO.

After that authorities will issue your intimation letter. The intimation letter means your dealing is going to the next steps and you don’t feel worried.

The next step is the allocation letter. When you receive an allocation letter its means you are the owner of your plot.

After completion of this procedure, you will pay all remaining amount with the fee of intimation letter and allocation letter.

After clearing all payments the procedure of transferring the file will start. If you are buying a plot from another person who was the owner of the DHA Multan plot for sale. You will pay all amounts in front of the authorities of DHA Multan. So that you will save any illegal act of any other problem about the land.

On the other hand, if you are buying a plot from the investors or authorities you will pay all the amount directly to the investors.

Be following the above procedure you can make your own house, office or shops in the successful area of the city easily.


Ali&Co will guide you at any step.we are sure we would waste your income. We will provide your 100%  product which you want. We are serving the people from 2013. Our previous clients are happy and satisfied with our work. We are sure you will also feel tension free about all the procedures. You will not regret buying the plot in DHA Multan. Good luck about your future.

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