5 Smart Ways Entrepreneurs Can Find Investors to Fund Their Business

Are you a budding entrepreneur and planning to launch your new business? Then, you need to raise money to invest in your company. Fret not. There are dozens of ways you can fund your business and seek the attention of those people who have the required capital to take your company to the next level. Even though you sell great products or services, operate successfully, or have a talent pool of resources to work for you, you will need funding to improve your bottom line. Today, fundraising is a necessity because even the startups with billion dollars of investment have been focusing on increased fundraising than ever before. According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, you will need sufficient working capital as well as runaway to achieve your next business goal. It is essential to give your enterprise an opportunity to live to its maximum potential.

It is true that getting a call from a giant venture capital organization is bleak. Then, that should not dampen your spirits, especially when you can tap some of the well-connected investors. Fortunately, more entrepreneurs are getting noticed, discovered, as well as connecting with genuine investors. However, if you did not find any such investors until now, here are five cool ways to find the right one for the growth of your business:

  1. Attend Events

To achieve business success and investment, you need increased visibility and get noticed by the right people who you know and who know about you. Attending business events is one of the best ways to realize your goals. Figure out who else is attending an event ahead of their time and schedule to make the real difference. Seek out for such pitch nights for meeting the right investors and presenting what you have to offer. You can attract the attention of active investors present and those engaged in coding marathons. You can also tap investors who are present to build networks at trade shows and functions. If you have a startup, and just began operations, you can attend events such as WebSummit, TechCrunch Disrupt, Money2020, and more. To opt for a passive route and stay ahead of your competitors, attend the other events where potential investors participate. Consider charity fundraisers, sports events, and film festivals.

  1. Leverage Social Networking Platforms

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are your best friends if you are a sole entrepreneur or planning to boost your lean startup. It will help you get the hang of the current market, gain an advantage, and attract the attention of the right investors. It will help you get discovered easily without spending heavily on marketing dollars. That is because social networking is one of the economical ways to reach out to people.

Consider an inbound approach with your business posts and updates. Create meaningful posts about your products or services. Make sure that you do not talk about selling right away. Create eye-catching ads with a compelling copy to show how your merchandise will benefit your customers. Alternatively, you can choose an active approach through collaborations or publishing sponsored posts or influencers.

You can try direct messaging as well. Try to get the social profile handles of the best investors. All you need is one powerful message to connect with an investor and get the required funding for your startup.

If you need the help of VCs, visit platforms like Crunchbase and look for those investors who want to invest their money actively in the industry.

  1. Build a Blog or Write Meaningful Comments

Did you know that blogging is one of the effective ways to drive inbound traffic, tell your brand story, and telling future investors to raise funds for your business? If you have your website or blog, there is nothing like it. If not, you can publish your content through LinkedIn and Medium. Besides, you can also visit the blogs of those investors that you would like to target. These investors read the blog comments, and reply and engage with visitors. Make sure that you write a meaningful comment and not something vague like ‘Nice blog.’ Leaving a thoughtful comment will help you get noticed, and you can develop building a rapport with an investor. You can research on the web to find more about the most active investors. Spend some time on the internet to find out about the platforms lending money to businesses. For instance, you can consider sites such as liberty lending.

  1. Look for Accelerators

If you are a serious entrepreneur looking for investment opportunities, look for accelerator programs that invite people like you. If they like your business, you will get a modest check to develop your company. You will also benefit because of the introductions to other investors. Additionally, you get business suggestions that will help you stage fundraising rounds in the future. Ensure that you know the rules and your business is a good fit before applying. When it comes to accelerator programs, they have a demo day when your business can reach out to a crowd full of investment professionals.

  1. Share What You Sell

Both growth and fundraising should be strategic to become successful. Therefore, you should share your products and get them out in the market so that influencers, customers, and investors get to know about your products or services. It will help you acquire genuine buyers in the market. Try this method and ensure that your investors learn about your efforts. This way, you will not be under pressure to seek money from outside. If you try this approach, you will get investors who will offer you better terms and conditions. If you find selling is tough, you can consider hybrid and freemium business models that will help your merchandise reach the market. Eventually, your products will start creating the required buzz.


Finding the right investors is not simple. However, with these useful tips, you can connect with the right people to fund your company. All you need to do is attract the attention of serious investors and launch your new business.

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